Designing tips: how to style the shelves


You have just moved in your new home or you have been living in one for so long, that you simply need a change and you are looking for designing trick that won’t cost you all your savings, but in the same time will transform your home and will bring it a soul. Because no one likes going back to a house with no spirit, but we all love having that place to be nostalgic for, to crave to go back to. We all love that place that we have so muchbicycle-1209845_640 lovely memories in or that gathers all those little sentimental bits and pieces that made you who you are. And only after a couple of shopping tours, a few hours (or maybe not that few) spent on pinterest looking for ideas, you decided that the most rational and nice solution is a shelf, or why not a couple. So it was not long thereafter, when you bought them and set them up in the living room, when you for first time considered, what could you place on them? And another just as important question popped into your mind: how to style the shelf to look classy and not messy?

There are two simple rules. The first one says that you should put there only things with meaning that deserve to be placed like this. That ticket from a movie you went with your husband-to-be on your first date is just not worth putting on a shelf, but that beautiful frame your parents gave you for Christmas your first year in college is indeed worthy. Sort everything out first and then think about the arrangement. If you just collect all bits and put them on a shelf, it would be awful, but if you organize them properly it may be a piece of art.